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Phase 2 I

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Minimal Violence return to Tresor Records with Phase Two of their DESTROY —> [physical] REALITY [psychic] <— TRUST Dreams 4 Sale, a Lynchian trip through explosive breakbeat manipulation, sirens and cries deep into the abyss. True to form, Ash Luk and Lida P harness raw tensions and lock into the flow on Mankind. An EBM monster, its bass sequences lay writhing non-stop, over a beat in full propulsion. Drawing to a close, the kick drum falls out leaving a suspended room full of action.

The Canadian duo then follows up with the sensational Hard Delivery, a 175bpm hi-NRG gabber barrage. Smeared synths hint at a melody, like a pair of pitched-up foghorns beaten down in a harsh rhythm world, as disfigured barks amp up the pressure. Prey Drive is the most straight techno track, its industrial bassline a cornerstone to grip onto, as its elements pile in on top. Closing track 1992 wears its identity on its sleeve, a pure rave track inspired by the early 90s sound. Distorted drums and synthesised strings coat a gnarled breakbeat with paranoid malice.

Sounding like nothing else right now, its influences are chewed-up and spat-out. There is no sound capable of sitting still, just a mutant sonic environment of destructive movement

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  • 1 Minimal Violence - Dreams 4 Sale 3:43
  • 2 Minimal Violence - Mankind 3:48
  • 3 Minimal Violence - Hard delivery 3:51
  • 4 Minimal Violence - Prey Drive 4:26
  • 5 Minimal Violence - 1992 3:18