Tresor Magic Market | Shirt


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The year is 1992: Berlin is dancing, touching and occasionally kissing – Tresor hosts the Hippie Magic Market in the subterranean vault and outdoor garden of Leipziger Straße 126A.

Guests are greeted with ethereal atmospheres and deep bass, (a lot of) smoke and market-stalls filled with unfound treasures. Personal recounts describe finding anything from defaced DDR relics to second hand wigs, with items coming all the way from Goa and beyond – a community is born through a gathering.

To celebrate Tresor Records 29th anniversary and to remember a more simple time, we have created a series of Magic Market 92’ long sleeve shirts, limited to 50 units.

The shirts are printed on a yellow high-quality long sleeve shirt, with a ‘Puff Print’ of the drawing of the Tresor logo on the front, as featured on the original flyer, the official Tresor logo on the sleeve and full flyer details on the back.

Sunset special!

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