James Ruskin I Siklikal EP I Tresor.314 I 12"


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On the heels of the recent reissue of the Point 2 LP, James Ruskin follows up for Tresor Records with a bold new EP entitled Siklikal.

Right from the outset, Nepte draws in by vast sonics and laser focus, unruly synths distort over a skipping beat that hits hard in the right places. As the beat takes a backstep but no less rhythmic, Kn Te3 is one for adventurous DJs, recalling the minimal loops that Ruskin is known for, seeped in industrial melancholy that fizzes a granular decay.

On the b-side, Nocke brings the beat back to the forefront with a muscular UK techno sound, highly effective and pounding. Closing the EP is Kn AM3 which retains the industrial sinew of its near-namesake Kn Te3, exposing raw synth excursions over brutalist machinations. This EP symbolises Ruskin’s dynamic approach, pushing at boundaries yet never without a strong grip over the dancefloor.

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  • A1 James Ruskin - Nepte 6:24
  • A2 James Ruskin - Kn Te3 5:46
  • B1 James Ruskin - Nocke 5:40
  • B2 james Ruskin - Kn Am3 6:11