Mønic | Four Sides Of Truth EP | Tresor.286


Tresor Records proudly presents the second chapter in Mønic’s musical journey on the label. Head of Osiris Music, Mønic is an accomplished producer whose style can be defined as raw yet exceptionally refined, allowing for a certain industrial inspiration to ooze from his exquisite sound design. Also known as Simon Shreeve, he recently released a new record on Regis' legendary Downwards label.

‘Four Sides Of Truth’ opens a conversation between pristenely defined low frequencies and an infinity of fleeting, chirping synth layers. This discussion will continue throughout the record, taking additional drums into the exchange and swirling into ‘Point To The Sun’ in full panning effect.

On the other side, lower frequencies undoubtedly take over and win the argument in ‘Self Doubt Is Worthless’. UK-based Kamikaze Space Programme contributes with a revisited version of ‘Morse’, initially released on the Parsons Hill EP. Preserving the abrasive textures of the original, KSP dramatically raises the track’s thrill factor.

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