Dj Deep & Roman Poncet l Exsurgence l Tresor.281


Following the release of the ‘Extraction’ and ‘Hydraulic Pressure’ 12”s earlier this year, Adventice – the incendiary collaboration between DJ Deep and Roman Poncet, returns to Tresor.

While taking the groove up quite a few notches, and as per its two predecessors, ‘Exsurgence’ unfolds in three different versions around a common theme. The ‘Main Mix’ opens into hammering chords yet taking a delicate turn into an synth-heavy refrain.

On the flip, the ‘Reduced Mix’ follows the same composition while playful and cinematic as the use of hihats add a skip to your step and pick up the pace. The ‘Percussive Mix’ and its rapid drum patterns, exude a fragrance of vocals triggering endless soundscapes.

With this new three track single, DJ Deep and Roman Poncet deliver a fierce package, another warning for what is still to come for the duo.

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Release 22 Nov 2015
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