Various Artists | Demo Tracks #02 | Tresor.268


Fifteen years have passed since the release of the first and only ‘Demo Tracks’ compilation to date on Tresor Records. For this new commencement, we are proud to present three exceptional upcoming producers, selected amongst the various different paperboard envellopes and electronic communications received daily, here in the vault.

Acronym has been slowly and mysteriously instructing his sound over the last three years through his own Dimensional Exploration imprint out of Stockholm. With ‘Nabu’ he presents a dimension of his work so far only known to those who had the chance to hear him perform live.

Hailing from the northern Spanish surroundings of Bilbao, J.C. is a young producer whose work has surfaced on labels like Deeply Rooted or Greener. He also runs an eponymous record series and offers here a shaking number ‘CheNox’, keeping his ears riveted on the Berlin sound.

Last but far from least, Zadig is a producer who has been regularly catching our attention. Growing figure of the French and Parisian scene, his polished sound possesses many different facets. With ‘Panic’, Zadig looks back to some of the crudest moments of the Tresor catalog.

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