Zenker Brothers | Stratusphunk | Tresor.267


Not much more than a year has passed since the Zenker Brothers presented their debut EP – ‘Lion in Mars’ – on Tresor Records. The follow-up record segues perfectly between a triumphant year in the studio and in performance, and a 2014 which promises to take their growing reputation for blazing techno to new heights. ‘Stratus Phunk’ is an incendiary record, developing the ideas seeded in their first release to their fullest extent.

The title track runs along the entire A-side. Building the raw acoustic sounds of wind instruments into a rolling jam which soon becomes an unstoppable locomotive, shapeshifting in and out of smoky synth lines, tracky hi-hats and acetic basslines, « Stratusphunk » is a vintage tune forged in the Tresor basement furnace.

On the flip, « Thirty-Two » and « Vamp Like » explore the more splintered dimensions of the Münich based brothers’ work, familiar to whoever follows the releases on their own Ilian Tape label.

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