Vince Watson | Interference | Tresor.244


Tresor Records are pleased to announce the Interference EP, the second 12" from Vince Watson, one of its newer roster additions.

Over fifteen years in the field and a rich stockpile of records makes Amsterdam-based Vince Watson a true vanguard of electronic music. Sprung from an early passion for the keyboard and taking initial inspiration from artists like Electric Light Orchestra and Jean Michel Jarre, musicality and astute composition has underscored Watson’s career and output to date. Whilst his dance floor records this side of the decade have landed on powerhouses such as Delsin and Planet E outside of his own Bio Music label, over the last few years Watson has been diversifying his craft further still to incorporate ambient, jazz and even classical music:

“I put my heart on my sleeve when I make my music. I’m not the kind of person who will sit there and make the same kind of music all the time. I quite like to change every now and again, just to freshen things up and express myself as an artist.”

Amongst regular DJ gigs and live outings, since September 2010 Watson has held down a monthly residency at Tresor, bringing his musical preferentialism to the club with their bi-monthly Radio Drama parties and selection of guests. It is a relationship with the institution that was solidified at the start of the year with the release of Watson’s Atom EP, and one that is set to continue—for the foreseeable future at least.

Following on from its predecessor, the Interference EP is a double A-side, presenting two different facets to the producer. On one side, the alarmingly huge monster that Interference is and on the other, the more lyrical techno works deftly displaying Watson’s keys and groove-led approach to production. The EP stands as a superla- tive testament to the dense and melodically charged chord compositions that characterise his discography, and makes for a sparkling serotonin package set to heat up the dance floor this winter.

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