Sleeparchive | Ronan Point | Tresor.243


“These tracks develloped from parts and loops I had created for my live set and always wished to make tracks out of. After a little break I took with the Sleeparchive project, this record for Tresor was a great opportunity to complete these tracks.” Sleeparchive's live sets have graced the dancefloors and soundsystems of the globe. It is fair to say that the four tracks that make up ‘Ronan Point’ are not just tried and tested, but actually born on the dancefloor. Sleeparchive cites “Jeff Mills and Drexciya” as two of his favorite artists from the Tresor family. “And the track ‘Minus’ from Robert Hood's Internal Empire LP one of my favorite techno tracks.” ‘Ronan Point’ joined this discography in May 2011.

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