Puresque | Vor Leitmotiv | Tresor.248


Puresque is Paul Brtschitsch and Mocca—Paul whose discography stretches back to the mid-90s and is widely regarded for his sensitive sound arrangements both on record and live, and Mocca—real name Michael Kunz—who has been simmering his sonic pallet on the Berlin circuit over the last few years. They met over a mutual love of vinyl and entered the studio together with the desire to create something raw, as removed as possible from the synthetic feel of purely digital production.

001A’ props up the A-side here with a deserved stamp of approval and an assurance to captivate any techno floor. The two B-side tracks, 'Spinnenwabe’ and ‘Schlafos’, delve into deeper territories with hypnotic melodies and enveloping soundscapes. The combined result is a real Hook, Line and Sinker of an EP that incites and plunges you headlong into a crafted Puresque vortex. It is a sound they like to describe as “wooden and warm”, derived primarily analogue equipment yet set in a thoroughly contemporary context.

To mark the occasion Tresor will be hosting a release party in the club on Nov 5th, during the Bermuda Festival. This will be an opportunity to see Puresque perform live and preview works from their forthcoming album, “Leitmotiv”, which will be released through Tresor Records in January 2012.

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