Marcelus | Super Strength EP | Tresor.251


At just 26-years old and still in the inchoate phase of his production career, Cédric Bros—based in Paris—has already proven a level of sonic maturity and scope with his first two EPs for Deeply Rooted House. Assimilating the essence of early Detroit with modern Berlin, Marcelus’ brand of tough euphoric techno has found a true home on Tresor Records in both calling up the tropes of its back catalogue, whilst remaining thoroughly in tone with today’s darker dancehalls.

Turning in four tracks of increasingly dystopian proportions, the EP begins with “Super Strength”—a tone-setting chug through the swirling vistas of some 90’s imagined future. “Falcon” continues the retroactive theme with detuned chimes, switching up the pace into a more urgent march through plush hisses and crashes. “Radical Groove” is the EP’s feverish peak, a manic headless workout before pealing into blissed out reprieve with “Suspension”. A rubber ball bassline bounds through melancholic ambiance in this poignantly beautiful closer, perfectly tailored for those subdued floor moments.

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