Juan Atkins | Archiv #07 | Tresor.258


This winter Tresor dons hardhat and flashlight once again to exhume more lost treasures from its stated past. Under the guise of it’s own 10-year dormant Archiv series—which saw cuts from the likes of Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Blake Baxter and Eddie Flashin’ Fowlkes brought back to wax and dancefloors worldwide—comes a reissue EP straight from the heart of the club’s former Wertheim department store days, courtesy of long-time resident Juan Atkins.

On the A-side there’s the slow-burning spangled ballad “I Love You”, from his 2004 record ‘Fast Forward’ - the last track to be played at the old Tresor, while the B-side hosts a stone cold Metroplex classic: “Techno City '95”, a track so slick it’ll never go out of style. Sit back and remember the good times, or discover them a-new, all over again.

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